Some funny quotes to brighten up your Monday


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  1. Posted by jaeleaverhart, — Reply

    Hey y’all I have worked really hard on my account and was wondering if you could take the time to look at it! My goal is 200 by the end of summer. I Always follow back within 24 hours!! 🥰

  2. Posted by guptakashish0403, — Reply

    I know right !!!! Its so terrible

  3. Posted by nobody_useful, — Reply

    Facebook moms be like

  4. Posted by yuvrajrajsingh9, — Reply

    75% MONEY FOR AIR...

  5. Posted by kjjeffres, — Reply

    Oh now i get it

  6. Posted by sehej2008, — Reply

    Did u know there is no emoji for chips😜

  7. Posted by saphiasafi, — Reply

    Omg..... amazing....I can relate to it so much

  8. Posted by sxphiaaa1, — Reply

    Hey it’s a two in one! 😂

  9. Posted by audriannahollywood, — Reply

    LOL Why is this so freaking relatable!!!

  10. Posted by saraijewlia, — Reply

    That's true

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